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Atelier in a mountain (with Airstream) 2003

Prof. Suzuki loves Airstream.
When he started to teach design for Tohoku University of Art and Design, at Yamagata prefecture in Japan, he found paradise near Zao mountain. There was a vacant land which has a small spring fountain. He lent the land and built his atelier there.

The atelier is consists of two parts, the dome he designed and an Airstream he bought.
He renovated an old Airstream and equipped a bench and table inside it.
Sometimes he and his students had a seminar and traditional tea party, because Suzuki is professor architect and also tea master of the tea ceremony.
They could have water from spring and used Airstream as a living room, and enjoyed tea ceremony at a tea-ceremony room in a dome.

He said “I proud of a combination of Airstream and the dome. That is my atelier in a mountain.” This project won a prize of Tohoku Architectural award 2006.

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  1. Fawaz Bakhotmah より:

    I tasted such an experience when I was studying Masters in Japan .. The trip was going to great artist. Unfortunately, I forgot his name but I had the group photo he is among us.
    Realy, Those scholars I recpect their thinking and we have to learn from them the life creativities..

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