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The Conversion of Airstream into Special living room

The Conversion of Airstream into Special living room before In 2003, Suzuki bought Airstream and remodeled interior. At that time, this first model was located in Yamagata, Japan. after In 2009, he brought this camping car to Tokyo. At new concept, he remodeled inside with architectural furniture. kitchen A kitchen is implanted into dining table. bed A dining table emerges into two beds. Open... 

ムービー 「建築家具 in エアストリーム」

Youtube 2009年。建築家具をエアストリームの中に設置しました。 キッチン、ベッド がテーブルに変身します。(鈴木敏彦) もっと詳しく: 建築家具のコンバージョン、エアストリーム編  Read More →

Movie, "Architectural Furniture in Airstream"

Youtube Toshihiko Suzuki changed Air stream into mobile-architecture-car. Strangely, bed, kitchen and dining table are all in one. Furniture combing architectural functions. 2009 Verision. MORE: The Conversion of Airstream into Special living room  Read More →


Youtube 2009年6月、台湾のテレビニュースで建築家具が放送されました。  Read More →

Architectural Furniture on Taiwan TV

Youtube TV spot news in Republic of China, June 2009.  Read More →

Architectural furniture on TV TOKYO 2008

WBS-World Business Satellite “Trend Egg” 2008 November 12th midnight on TV TOKYO T,T,File 2427 “Everywhere become kitchen!” TV shooting was done in Suzuki Lab, Metropolitan University of Tokyo. A woman announcer really cooked with Mobile kitchen, and reported office and guestroom as well. Suzuki had an interview with camera. NAME Mobile kitchen / Foldaway guest room / Foldaway... 
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