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サウジにてキュービックフローター展示, Cubic floater in Saudi Arabia

“Cubic floater” was presented in Saudi Arabia, Al-Maharajan al-watani lil-turath wa al-thaqafa al-Janadriya.



Janadriya Festival, 14th-29th May, 2011
The king of Saudi Arabia hold national festival named “Al-Maharajan al-watani lil-turath wa al-thaqafa al-Janadriya” every year. In 2011, Japan joined there as a guest country, and presented various design products. 300,000 people visited “Japan lifestyle showcase” and enjoyed taste of “cool Japan.” Our transparent designed package, “Cubic floater” achieved popularity in Saudi Arabia.




Cubic floater
Envelops and supports fragile items or multiple pieces that would otherwise be difficult to package.
This product applies a proven packaging technique in a wholly new way.
Packaged objects are framed like pictures, capturing them as still-life works of art. This turns the familiar act of wrapping up (to put away, out of sight) on its head, into an act of display.
The objects, sandwiched between layers of film, appear suspended in space. Product development capitalized on the discovery of how packaging can be transformed into display.

Designed by Toshihiko Suzuki.
Manufactured by Nakagawa Package.

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