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ファウンテンリングが銀賞を受賞, Fountain Ring achieves Silver A’Design Award

Como, Italy, April 22, 2016 /DESIGNPRWIRE/

A’ Design Award and Competition is delighted to announce that the design Fountain Ring by Atelier OPA has been honored with the famed Silver A’ Design Award.

ファウンテンリングがA’ Design Award(エーダッシュデザインアワード)のジュエリー・アイウェア・時計部門で銀賞を受賞しました。銀賞は応募者のうち上位3~5%に与えられます。これも一重に皆様のご支援の賜物と心より感謝しております。受賞作品の展覧会がイタリアのコモ湖で6月に始まり、オランダ、ボローニャ、スペインへと巡回します。

A’ International Design Award and Competition is pleased to announce that the jewelry design Fountain Ring by Artist: Yuki Sugihara, Designer: Munetaka Isikawa, Architect: Toshihiko Suzuki and Marketing and customer care: Bianca Isnardi has been awarded with the famed Silver A’ Design Award in Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Category. The Silver A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 5% percentile designs that exhibits an exemplary level of excellence in design.

adesignawardpageSee details: Fountain Ring

Regarding Fountain Ring

Atelier OPA, the creative mind behind the awarded jewelry design work Fountain Ring explains “Fountain Ring is a sliver accessory created by 3D design and jewelry craftsmanship. When running water hits Butterfly ring, an elegant water membrane appears on the back of the hand. When water is poured into Spider ring, long streams of water fly into all directions. Fountain ring can be used anywhere and at any time. While a user washes his or her hands, draws a bath or plays in the pool, he or she can enjoy his or her own fountain. Fountain ring remind users of the importance of water in a modern, charming and sustainable way.”
Learn More: Fountain Ring on A’Design Award

This award gives recognition to the excellence of design on the international stage. In June, A’ Winners’ Exhibition starts near Como lake.

A’ Winners’ Exhibition
at “MOOD – Museum of Outstanding Design” Ex Chiesa di San Francesco, Como, Italy. Dates: 7-30 June 2016.

A’ Winners’ Exhibition
at Cube Design Museum, Museumplein, Kerkrade, Netherlands. Dates: July 2 – August 4 2016.

A’ Winners’ Exhibition
at Bologna Design Week, Italy. Dates: September 28 – October 1 2016.

A’ Winners’ Exhibition
at Espacio Ricardo Lorenzo, Gallery of the College of Architects of Cantabria, Calle De Aguayos num. 5 of Santander, Spain. Dates: April 7 – May 12 2016.

A’ Winners’ Exhibition
at “Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair” Shenzhen, China. Dates: 6-8 November 2016.

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