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Foldaway Office and Bed, Sample Sales

>>>Foldaway Office Steel exhibited at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2013

Dear All,

Thank you for inquiring Kenchikukagu series, Foldaway office, Guest room and Kitchen. However, we regret that we can not continue retail sales for individual customers. So far we had a contract with some buyers, but the most big problem is shipping cost. If you still interested in our product, please find someone who deal with distribution in your country and ask them to contact us. Thank you.

Dear Distributor or Wholesaler,

We would like to report what is going on about Kechikukagu. Recently, we changed model with new material, steel instead of old aluminum model and wood model. Then we start test marketing until the end of July. Don’t Miss Our Deals! For details, please see this page below.

The color line up are just for reference.

Hello. My name is Tou, a sales staff of Suzhou Jingyitong,Ltd.
Our company deals with design, production and consignment sales of Kenchikukagu for a design company in Japan, Atelier OPA Co. This time I would like to inform you about our new products.
Now we release Foldaway office and Bed room. We improved in materials, construction and outlook. We are now able to offer the products at cheaper prices. As a special promoting campaign, we decided to sell products with sample price.

1. Sample sales

1-1. Purpose
These sales are for promotion, knowing demands (type, color, and marketing), requests, making sales networks. If you have any questions, evaluation, modify request and future development, please let us know.

1-2. Price (FOB Shanghai)
We determined cheaper price for samples.
Foldaway Office: 6000 Chinese Yen
Bed room: 8000 Chinese Yen

1-3. Payment
Please pay half the amount to our bank account when you place an order
And when we make a shipment (FOB Shanghai), please pay the rest of it.

1-4. Color
Please tell us the color you like. But when we make products for sales, we unify the color as most ordered color.

1-5 Dead line
Number: 1-5
Dead line: The end of July
Estimated shipping date: The end of August to early September

2. Sales

2-1. Outline
We are orientated build-to-order manufacturing and dealing with sales agents. We can not comply with individual sales. To establish steady sales, we need sale a one-year forecast and the standardization of production. Please consider annual contract.

2.2 Price (FOB Shanghai)
2.2.1 Price per number of shipments

2.2.2 Price for annual contract

2.3 Payment method
Please pay half the amount to our bank account when you place an order
And when we make a shipment (FOB Shanghai), please pay the rest of it.

2.4. Special favor
(1) Color
When you make an order with more than 10, we accept color request. If less than 10, we only offer the color we decide.
(2) Container
When you make a order with 20 feet container, you can choose 2 colors, and 40 feet container for 4 colors.
(3) Priority
We value annual contract for reliable supply and price stabilization. We give annual contract company preference.

(4) Deposit
We guarantee Price for annual contract with a payment in advance. When you need more production, please tell us immediately. After the contract, if your order does not reach the decided number, based on our price list and rules, we will clear up money.

(5) Customize
Wooden seal: add 3,000 Chinese yen per 1.
Print mark with silk print: Consult us
Special paint and color: Consult us

(6) Guarantee
6.1 Quality: We offer our quality with sample products. Please tell us what you notice.
6.2 The term of guarantee: one year. We only respond to claim with parts supply.
6.3 Warning label: We shall make warning labels and print disclaimer as your request. However we have exemption from responsibility in your country because we are not well versed in PL in your country. We hear adjusting points from annual contract company.

(7) Schedule for formal sales
Deadline for request of adjusting points: The end of September
Order: Early October
Apply for annual contract: Anytime
Start of annual contract: November
Start of shipment: Middle of November

3. Future schedule

We are planning to develop and sales following models;
Kitchen, Foldaway series for kids, low-cost design model

4. Application

4.1 Sample request
Please tell us followings:
Office (Number and color)
Bed room (Number and color)
Your address, name, telephone, e-mail

4.2 Annual contract request
Please tell us followings:
Office (Number and color)
Bed room (Number and color)
Duration of contract
Your address, name, telephone, e-mail
Established date, outline, and description of business of your company.
Scale of your business, place and annual sales of target.

If you need any further information regarding our products or services, please do not hesitate in contact us.

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24 Responses to " Foldaway Office and Bed, Sample Sales "

  1. Kirby Kang より:

    We are trading and importer of various items.
    please send me a price quotations for the office and bedroom foldaway products.
    I am a serious buyer.

    Best Regards,
    Kirby Kang
    Asia Homelife Network Corporation
    Manila Philippines

  2. David Walling より:


    I am not the smartest person around so I have trouble understanding exactly what you mean in the above description of your business practice. I am very interested in getting a couple of your foldaway bedrooms and one of your foldaway kitchens but I cannot find any place that sells them near me nor online. Can you please help? I am just a regular person, not a business and I humbly apologize for any trouble I may cause you with this email. Thank you for your consideration and your time.

    David Walling

  3. Marcia Montes より:

    Hello. I live in Central AMerica. Is there a store in America where I can fin the Kenchikukagu series??

    Marcia Montes

  4. Brenda Burns より:

    I am interested in all three boxes ( a full apartment). May I get prices and and shipping cost into the US. have a great idea to start my own business here and this could and will sell well.

  5. Julia Escalante より:

    Hi there!

    I´d like to know who is dealing with distribution in Latinamerica for retail sales for individual customers. Otherwise let me know how to contact a distributor who is able to export a couple of Kenchikukagu furniture to Mexico City. Thank you.

  6. Sai より:

    I would like to know how much is the foldable office, i live in New York City, any seller here?

  7. Sarah Leedham より:

    Any distributors in the UK please?

  8. Muluken より:

    hello there, I am very interested in your products. But am just a regular person living in Ethiopia. Is there any chance for me to start a bussiness with you. I hope it is profitable in here the capital addis ababa. Thank you for your support

  9. tory より:

    Hello. I live in the united states, California, and I am interested in any sample sales you may have right now. I will be able to make any downpayment in January 2013. Please feel free to email any info you might have on your ingenious space saving ideas.Thank you! Best, Tory Miller

  10. SAM より:

    I am from Iran and would like to consider distribution of all your products.


  11. jorge morales より:

    i am from Colombia i would like distribution of all your products.


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  13. Andrew Doig より:

    I live in Kenya, East Africa, and I am interested in buying your products. where can i buy them in Kenya?

  14. Sebastian より:


    I want to start buissnes in Poland, is it possible to buy sample from U? Do U have agent to Europe and maybe Poland? We may start a good buissnes together

    Best regards,

  15. rodrigo naranjo より:

    estoy interesado en distribucion para colombia favor enviar informacion catalogos y precios


  16. Konstantin より:

    здравствуйте. я из России. как можно стать дилером вашей мебели?

    hello. I’m from Russia. how you can become a dealer of your furniture?

  17. JC より:

    I tried to find the contact details (e.g. website) of Suzhou Jingyitong,Ltd. but unsuccessful.

    I am interested to be a distributor and would like to buy sample units first to test market. Thanks

  18. Joyce より:

    Dear Sir,

    We are based in India and wish to introduce your product here.
    We would like to receive sample of foldaway office, Kitchen and Bedroom .

    Could you tell me the price in USD per pc and also the shipment expense cnf Nhava Sheva Port.

    Awaiting your response.


  19. James Shipp より:


    We are interested in purchasing your wardrobe closet, kitchen and bed units. We need to know if you have any information on each and the price including shipping to Los Angeles, CA. 93535.

  20. Nurlykhan より:

    Я заинтересован во всех трех коробках (полный квартиры). Могу ли я получить цены и и стоимость доставки в Казахстан.

  21. Peter Tay より:

    Please send brochures and export price list .
    What is cost of samples

  22. Dandai より:

    Hi, I m in NYC USA and I’d like to purchase the office & bedroom series
    How can I d that? Also not clear about how I can do steady business with your company in regards to this series, please explain. Thank you kindly.

  23. Mrs O Cleary より:

    Hello there
    Love this product can you please email me and we can chat.

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