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「フォールダウェイオフィス」インテリアライフスタイル2013で発表, Foldaway Office Steel at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2013

2013年6月5日(水)~7日(金)、東京ビッグサイト、東和製作所ブースの「磁性形態」展示にて、フォールダウェイオフィス スティールを発表しました。
In 2013, OPA improved the furniture using a type of steel. We exhibited Foldaway Office Steel in Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, June 5-7 2013.

既存のモデルよりも、よりコンパクトな作りになりました。The new on is much smaller than former models.


This is space-saving furniture from Japan.
In 2013, OPA improved the furniture using a type of steel. LED light and outlets helps you use a laptop. Open a study according to your needs and close it to tidy up things. Wheels allow you to move the study to a corner of the room. It is the best solution for compact space.

FOLDAWAY OFFICE (version 2013 May)
CLICK below image and Donload PDF Catalogue.
製品情報 左の図をクリックしてPDFをダウンロード
Foldaway Office

Product information
Product dimensions
Open Width:500, Depth:800, Height:1399mm
Close Width:1071 ,Depth:1051, Height:1399mm
Material: Painted steal plate(SPCC), Laminated wood (Table)
Product description: Desk(right)/ Tip up desk(left)/ Revolving chair/ Shelf x 2/ Strage space: under the desk and seat/ Socket x 3/ LED lump for AC100-240V/ Toggle switch for LED Lump/ handle x 2 / lock of cabinet x2/ Hinge x 2/ caster x 8
Color:Silver, Black, Red

「磁性形態 スターターセット」

「磁性形態 スターターセット」 購入ページへ

「インテリアライフスタイル2013」 にて「磁性形態 MAGNETIC FORMS」を発表

All in one in the Foldaway office with magnets!
Moreover, these new steel-made Foldaway office attracts magnets. You can attache everything in you office: notes, umbrella, bag, jacket. We launched to sale “Foldaway Office:Starter kit with magnets” at online shop in Japan. Soon we will announce the price for abroad.

More information about “Magnetic forms” is here:

We terminated to produce former model. The latest 2013 version is Foldaway Office steel of this page.

建築家具/磁性形態:東急ハンズ銀座店にて販売中、”MAGNETIC FORMS” foldaway office is now on sale in Japan
建築家具 プレスリリース2008年
Foldaway Office 2012
KENCHIKUKAGU won DFA silver award!
Architectural furniture, New model debut!
Foldaway Office 2008

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    I am looking for US pricing on a kitchen, office, and bedroom.

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    How about the transporting fee?

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