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Architectural Functions is an intermediate concept between infill and furniture.
Although it seems box at first sight, Mobile Kitchen, Foldaway Guest Room and
Foldaway Office appear when it is folded out.

Check out this page: Foldaway Office Online Shopping

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57 Responses to " Kenchikukagu "

  1. Priscilla Lange より:

    I would like to know if the Foldaway Guest Room is sold in USA or Latin America? I am interesting in buying this item.

    Thanks for your kind reply.

    Priscilla Lange

    • OPA sugihara より:

      Hi, Priscilla. Thank you for requesting information for our products, Foldaway Guest Room.
      We don’t have a branch in USA, but you can order it. I’ll let you know our agent by e-mail.
      Thank you.

  2. Dzal より:

    Hi, can you also email me your agent, as im interested in ordering it. Im from Singapore. Thanks.

    • OPA sugihara より:

      Hi, Dzal. I will send the agent information by e-mail. But now, basically they accept a big order. Recently we contracted with a retail dealer in France and Korean, so I will let you know again when online shopping site is set up.

  3. KaiToU KiD より:

    Hi there, I’m also interested in ordering it.. Please email me some information about how to order them..
    Thanks in advance

  4. karima より:


    would you kindly let me know how I can purchase this mobile office in London. thank you.

    Best wishes,


  5. Alex より:

    hello I am interested in price of these units and availability in Europe. Could you give me some information on that? Thank you

  6. Christy Choi より:

    Hello, I’m from Hong Kong.I am interesting in buying the Foldaway Guest Room and Foldaway Office.
    Would you please send me the agent information?
    Thanks for early reply.

    Best regards,

  7. lily ho より:


    we are a design lab in Germany.
    We are currently working on a project called floating home and are very interested in your super flexible furniture. We would consider ordering a large amount of kenchikugagu for one of our product line. Can you send me relative information?
    I saw previous post on the price of kenchikukagu. Are the price of the metallic series, and wood-like finished series different?

    thanks ‘

  8. Mina Francis より:

    I want to know more information about the project and if I like to be your agent in Egypt what is your agent what is you requirements

  9. keri より:

    hi im from singapore, im interested buying the foldable kitchen and guest room, do you do export? Please email me with info about prices as well. thx

    • OPA sugihara より:

      Hi everyone,
      Thank you for your comment about Foldaway Office.
      The price of Foldaway Office start from 180,000JPN plus shipping cost.
      Now we arrange the way of export to whole world.
      The shipping cost is depends on where you live.
      I will announce again soon, if whole price is fixed.

  10. Enter your name...Namiwa Ho より:

    Hi I am very interested to buy mobile guess room, would you kindly give me details for ordering, I.e price in Hong Kong Dollars, time in ordering. I also interested in mobile kitchen, and also want to get the price in Hong Kong Dollars including the shipping cost, time for ordering. Many thanks! Please email me asap.

    • Canning より:

      Greeting from Hong Kong, I feel interested in the foldaway guest room. Any catalog? Please advise the price and delivery process. Thanks.

  11. Ericka Murphy より:

    I am interested in the mobile guest room and kitchen. Do you have an outlet in the United States?

  12. Emmanuel より:

    Hello I am interested in the mobile office and related products. Do you have a distributor in Australia? Can you please send me more information and price list.

    Thank you in advance

  13. Karla より:

    Hello I am interested in price of these units and availability in Chile.
    Could you give me some information on that?

  14. Oludayo より:

    Hi, the designs are simply breathtaking. I will like to be your agent in Nigeria and west Africa. I will like to order one each as samples. Can you send details to my mailbox,


  15. mark より:

    Hi, i like the foldaway bunk m hailing from India do you have any agents/distributors in India plz plz let me kno

  16. Cory より:

    Hi, I am interested to buy your Foldaway Guest Room and
    Foldaway Office. Any agent distributor in Singapore? I would like to buy for own use. 180,000Yen for foldaway office or the foldaway guest room? The price is already inclusive of shipping to Singapore?

    Please kindly provide me information on the shipping and all. Thanks.

  17. […] pages Foldaway Office First model, 2008 June. KenchikukaguOpen and Close photo of the Architectural furniture, 3series. AIDIA JOURNAL 2008 vol.8, 3-3. […]

  18. Linda より:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Would like to get ordering infomation on the foldaway office and kitchen to be delivered in the USA.

    Thank you very much.


  19. Myles Su より:

    May you kindly send me info on Foldaway Office, Guesthouse and kitchen? I noticed that only the office has gone online shopping, how about the other two? And I am based in Beijing, how much delivery fee will it cost since you warehouse in in Shanghai. Hope to hear from you soon and hope to have those nice things soon. They are soooooooo lovely!

  20. Miaoheng より:

    Hello, I am Miaoheng from China, an editor from a magazine named Mailoutong. This is our official website:
    I wanna to commend these three work to my readers, can I ask you for the high resolution photos?

  21. Miaoheng より:

    I wanna to ask how much is the moving kitchen?

  22. sylvia k より:

    Hi, I am very interested in the Foldable Guest Room.
    Would like to know the details, availability, price and how can I purchase/ purchase+ship to USA

  23. Melvyn より:

    Hi, I’m from Singapore. How may I purchase the foldable guest room?

  24. Michael Ng より:


    I am interested to be your distributor in Canada. Please may I know how to be qualified to be your distributor?

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  26. Freesky より:

    Hi, I am interested to buy this in Singapore. Can you tell me how to do it?

  27. deya より:

    sorry but how much are dey cost in euro ?
    Thank you.

    • Nikol より:

      Hello i’m interested to buy this in Bulgaria.How much are they cost in euro or levove and how to do it ?
      Thanks for you’re help.

  28. 'Bimbola より:

    We are interested in your foldaway/mobile kitchen in Nigeria and would like to know if you have a distributor available for West Africa or if you will ship directly to us. Is the newer version for the mobile kitchen available?

    Thanks and many regards,

    • Mrs Dandai Moreno より:

      Hi I am interested in the folding office & bedroom… I m in New York City (USA) how can I purchase??? Thank you kindly, Dandai

  29. soham より:

    I am interested in purchasing these product in the US. Can you give me any info.

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  36. Yammie より:

    Hi I am interested in the mobile kitchen, folding office & bedroom… how can I purchase& How much ship to Hong Kong?

  37. Keith Yeung より:

    Hello, I’m from Hong Kong.

    I am interesting in buying the Foldaway mobile kitchen, folding office & bedroom.

    Would you please send me the information of how to ship to HK?

    Look forward for early reply.
    Best wishes,

  38. Mrs. Ho より:

    I am interesting in the Foldaway bedroom, kitchen, and office. Could you ship to Hong Kong? May I have the price list?

  39. Kathryn より:

    We are located in the USA, and interested to order large amount and if possible be your USA agent.
    Please email us for more information how to proceed.

    Best regards

  40. Chris Lin より:

    I am also very interested in your products. May I have your pdf file and pls. let me know if you already have agent in Taiwan. If not, pls. give quote on all products. Thank you!

  41. Kim Chan より:

    How can I place order for the office?? And how much will it cost me for the shipping??

    Best regards,

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