Toshihiko Suzuki / Awards

Toshihiko Suzuki, Architect

Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Kogakuin University

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“Fountain ring”, A’Design Award, Silver award 2016
“MAGNET BINDER”, iF Design Award 2014
“The drinking fountain”, Lexus Design Award, 2013
“Water dome 2007”, Silver Award / DESIGN FOR ASIA AWARD 2008
“The Water dome park on the Hang-gang” Honorable Mention / Seoul Design Olympiad 2008 Competition 2008
“Water dome 2007”, Honorable Mention / I.D. The International Design MagazineAnnual Design Review 2008
“Cubic floater”, the 2007 DFA GRAND AWARD / DESIGN FOR ASIA AWARD 2007
“AHF system”, (product design), Good Design Award 2007
“Atelier in Mountain”, (architecture), Tohoku Architecture Prize 2007
“Cubic floater”, Special Prize / Toyota Monotukuri Grand Award 2005
“AHF”, Special Prize / Toyota Monotukuri Grand Award 2005
“Cubic floater”, Packaging Idea Award / he Japan Packaging Contest 2004
“LIGA”, (product design), Special Prize-winner of Good Design Award 2004
“BYOBU screen lighting”, (product design), European Design Competition 2004
Prize-winner of Yamagata excellent design Award 2001 by two works in furniture’s two department.
Prize-winner of Good Design Award 2000 by three works in furniture’s three department.
“Bar Honeycomb Factory “(interior design, furniture design), JCD design award 1999
“Stool”(furniture design), Wooden Chairs for Living Exhibition 1998
“Stacking Stool”(furniture design), Japan Design Committee Forum Silver Award 1997
” Aluminium Products Promenade”(architecture design, product design),
American Academy of Architecture Art & Sciences, XXXIX Award 1996
“Stool & Bench”(furniture design), International Furniture Design Competition in Asahikawa 1996
“Aluminium Products Promenade”(architecture design, product design), SD review 1994
“Vertical Zoning”(urban design), IFYA international cruise competition 1988
“Reconstitution of Public Space by Rehabilitation of Superannuated Public Housing ”
(urban design, architecture design), French Ministry of Construction PAN13J Award 1985

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