Yuki Sugihra, Ph.D.
Artist, Director of ATELIE OPA
Facebook: Yuki Sugihara

Sugihara is an advocate of the water-friendly fountain where people can come into contact with water membrane with joy. She started her career at Musashino Art University, and earned her PhD at Tokyo University with “A study on Immersive water display.” Her latest work is “Fountain ring.” Her dream is to share the pleasure of water with everyone within the country and beyond.

プロフィール研究展覧会講演掲載メディアResearchExhibitionCurriculum vitaeAwards

2016 A’Design Award,Silver award, “Fountain ring”
2013 Lexus Design Award, “The drinking fountain”
2008 Design For Asia Award, “Water dome 2007” Silver Award
2008 Seoul Design Olympiad 2008 Competition “The Water dome park on the Hang-gang” Honorable Mention
2008 I.D.The International Design Magazine Annual Design Review 2008 “Water dome 2007” Honorable Mention
2001 Musashino Art University Paris Award, Went to Paris to study water fountain in Western Europe from the Pola Art Foundation
1999 The Grand Prix of the 6th. Japan Art Scholarship
1999 Information Processing Society of Japan, Interaction 99 excellent award
1998 PHILIP MORRIS Art Award, Selected among the best 100
1996 Inter-college Virtual Reality Contest, IVRC96, the Art Prize

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