Yuki Sugihra, Ph.D.
Artist, Director of ATELIE OPA
Facebook: Yuki Sugihara

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Yuki Sugihara “Design education for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs” 
Doctoral Education in Design Conference 2011
Pre Conference Proceedings pp.161~172,Hong Kong, 22-25/06/2011
See article

Yuki Sugihara and Toshihiko Suzuki
“Development of the water dome table -Furniture combining water flow-”
AIDIA JOURNAL 2011 vol.11, pp.127-136
See article

Yuki Sugihara and Susumu Tachi “Water Dome -An Augmented Environment-“ 
2000 IEEE Conference on Information Visualisation
An International Conference on Computer Visualisation and Graphics
Proceedings, pp.548-553,London,UK, 2000/7/20
See article

Yuki Sugihara and Susumu Tachi “Water Dome Project” 
SIGGRAPH 2000,Sketch, Session 360°,NewOrleans,U.S.A.,2000/7/24
Conference Abstracts and Applications, p.278

Yuki Sugihara, Hideki Hashimoto & Keigo Yamamoto : A Proposal of Water Display,
Proceedings of the seventh International Conference on Artificial Reality
and Tele-Existence (ICAT ’97 ), pp.63-70, Tokyo, Japan, 1997/12


2015 Housing Research Foundation JUSOKEN
2014 Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation
2012 Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation
2012 Mitshubishi UFJ Foundation
2011 Nomura Foundation, International art programm
2001 Pola Art Foundation A research worker abroad as young Artist
2000 Kurita Water and Environment Foundation
1998 Kurita Water and Environment Foundation
1996 The Ministry of Education, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Virtual Reality


U.S. Design Application
Registration Date: July 2 2015
Butterfly finger ring
Application Number: 29532248
Spider finger ring
Application Number: 29532250

EU, Community design application
Finger rings
Registration Number:002730333-0001
Registration Date:July 2 1015 
Registration Number:002730333-0002
Registration Date:July 2 1015

China, Chinese Utility Model Application
Chinese patent for Utility Model
Patent Number No. ZL 201520701522.4
Announcing Date:February 17,2016

Registration Number:5837479
Registration date:April 8 2016
Utility model Patent RING
Registration Number:2015-5490
Registration date:October 15 2015

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