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“Development of Bed module for Smart Variable Space” 建築家具のベッドのロボット化。
Kenchikukagu robot system. The bed automatically open and close by remote control.
Designed by Toshihiko Suzuki, Programmed by Kazuyoshi Wada and Toru Yamaguchi

“Kirikolight”, Exhibited at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2010. 明滅する切子ガラスの「キリコライト」。
Designed by Toshihiko Suzuki, Produced by Horiguchi glass and comma

architectural furniture movie
“Architectural Furniture by Toshihiko Suzuki”
建築家具デビュー作。Furniture combining architectural functions. Thank you for 100,000 views!

Kenchikukagu in Airstream movie
“Architectural Furniture on Taiwan TV”
2009年6月、台湾のテレビニュースで建築家具が放送されました。TV spot news in Republic of China, June 2009.

Kenchikukagu in Airstream movie
“Architectural Furniture in Airstream”
2009年。建築家具をエアストリームの中に設置しました。(鈴木敏彦)A bed, kitchen and dining table are all in one in Airstream.

water dome movie
“Water dome project”
ウォータードームプロジェクト2007 水と映像のドーム世界。日本語テロップはこちら

Wind powered revolvong lantern for eco-friendly world. そよ風で発電するLED照明。

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