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アルネ・ヤコブセン研究会, A survey of Arne Jacobsen

In 2011, Atelier OPA Co,.Ltd. started the workshop of Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen.
株式会社Atelier OPAでは、デンマークの巨匠のデザインと建築を学ぶ「アルネ・ヤコブセン研究会」を発足しました。

Recently Scandinavian design has become increasingly popular in Japan. Why does it attract people thorough all time? We went to Demark to research Jacobsen’s design and architecture. From now on, we will report his works with photo at times. Don’t miss it.
Research and Report, Yuki Sugihara (Atelier OPA)
Researcher, Munetaka Ishikawa (Atelier OPA)
Director, Toshihiko Suzuki (Atelier OPA, Kogakuin University)

研究レポート 杉原有紀(ATELIER OPA)
研究員 石川宗孝(ATELIER OPA)
ディレクター 鈴木敏彦(工学院大学・ATELIER OPA)

This research is working together with the architecture class in Kogakuin University in Japan.

And furthermore, we must check out the Space-age product, furniture and architecture from the1950s to the 1970s. We will need to compare the works of Aalto, Saarinen, Eames and Asplund to take design hints.


フリッツハンセン・ジャパン探訪, Republic of Fritz Hansen, Japan

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