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アートバザール新宿2011, Art Bazar in Shinjyuku 2011

Suzuki laboratory took part in “Art Bazar” in Ookubo Park in Sinjyuku, October 21 to 23, 2011.

この展示は「学生クリエイターズ・フェスタin 新宿2011」の一環で、大学がブースを設けたり、市民がオリジナルの工芸品(アクセサリーやTシャツ等)を持ち寄って販売したりするものです。軽食をテイクアウトできる屋台もあります。
This echibition formed part in “Shinjuku College Creators Festa 2011.” Some universities exhibited there and the citizens sold hand-made artwork, such as accessories and T-shirts. There were also some food wagons.

Bookmark Design : Nozomi Kimura, Art Direction : Toshihiko Suzuki, Production:


They exhibited the bookmark magnet that developed in 2010, as a project in cooperation between industry and the academic world. This magnet is consists of two parts. A bird-shaped magnet and birdcage-shaped stainless hold a page and the bird’s beak marks where you read.They have registration in design. Though First day was not crowded, 6 magnets was sold. This trial sale became market research.

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学生クリエイターズ・フェスタin新宿2011、Shinjuku College Creators Festa 2011

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