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ダンボールシェルターを子供たちに, Cardboard shelters for children



Suzuki labolatory of Kogakuin University has cooperated with Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd and BeGood Cafe for “&EARTH” project. This project offers people various events that featured load reduction and Quality improvement. Since November 2013, the project has used Suzuki’s cardboard shelter as “Oekaki Cardboard house,” that is playing and painting house for children. Our primary purpose to develop the cardboard shelter was to offer convenient and comfortable space for refugee who are living in gymnasium. It is rational size to change clothes and to sleep. However, these types of scale seems exactly playing houses for children. Sequentially, Mitsui Fudosan holds the events again in 2014 at five places around Tokyo. The events is hold in ordinary shopping mall, not in the emergency situation. While children are enchanted with the houses, adults can realize that the house is one of the basic element, that is, food, clothing, and shelter. Thorough the experience of painting, we can confirm not only the importance of stocks of these houses against emergency, but also the smiles of children.



2014年10月04日(土) ららぽーと柏の葉
2014年10月18日(土) アウトレットパーク入間
2014年10月26日(日) ららぽーと横浜
2014年2月07日(土) ららぽーと豊洲
2014年2月08日(日) ららぽーと新三郷

“Oekaki Danbo-ru house” Free events
Painting house experiences for children
4 October 2014, Lalaport Kashiwanoha
18 October 2014, Outlet Park Iruma
26 October 2014, Lalaport Yokohama
7 February 2014, Lalaport Toyosu
8 February 2014, Lalaport Shinmisato

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