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ダンボールシェルター1, Cardboard Shelter1

Temporally small house: for people who take refuge in a gymnasium.
Temporally small bedroom that allow us private and warm space.


ダンボールシェルター by 工学院大学 is licensed under a
Creative Commons 表示 – 非営利 2.1 日本 License.

Anyone who has cardboard can make this “Cardboard shelter.”
These drawings are opened in public with Creative Commons licenses.

“Cardboard Shelter” is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial 2.1 Japan (CC BY-NC 2.1)

We can make 300 sets in 1,000,000 Yen.
This project is sponsored by Alumni association of Architecture course, Kogakuin University.

1. Materials. Cardboard sheets: 2sizes 2sets.

2. Fold each part. 3. Combine each set.

4. Half part is finished. 5. Combine each set of cardboard houses.

6. Bed room is completed.

ダンボールシェルター by 工学院大学 is licensed under a
Creative Commons 表示 – 非営利 2.1 日本 License.
“Cardboard Shelter” is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial 2.1 Japan (CC BY-NC 2.1)

ダンボール:厚さ5mm (厚さが異なる場合は差し込み部分の寸法を調整して下さい)
Cardboard thickness is 5 mm. In case of using another thickness, please modify inset sizes.


Please visit Kogakuin University in Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan.
To media reports: Please contact us in advance.
tel : 81-3-3340-1449. E-mail: info[atmark]

Public press release of Cardboard shelter by Kogakuin University. [in Japanese]

34 students visited Kesenuma area as volunteer, and demonstrated cardboard furniture..[in Japanese]



担当部長:金井 tel : 03-3340-1449

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