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MAWARIDOROを大阪のマンションに導入, Wind revolving lantern in Osaka apartment

Two Wind revolving lantern were installed in new apartment in Osaka, as a new garden ornament.

マンション通用口付近に1台、風通りの良い敷地内の公園入口に1台です。風力回転型照明は、環境に優しい次世代型ライトです。そよ風で回るシェードの回転エネルギーと、ソーラパネルに振りそそぐ太陽エネルギーを日中は蓄電池に充電し、夜間は内蔵したLED照明で敷地をほんのりと照らします。住民の皆様からの評判も上々とのこと。コードレスかつメンテナンスフリーな屋外インテリアとして活躍することでしょう。◆東急不動産:ブランズシティ 都島友淵町

Wind revolving lantern, two MAWARIDORO were adopted to an apartment, the Branz ciry Miyakojima Tomobuchityou in Osaka. One was installed in front of side entrance and another was between the site and parks. In the day time, this lantern charges power by gentle breeze and sunshine because it has a battery inside and a solar panel on top of it. At night, LED light up around its periphery. Mawaridoro have acquired a good reputation because this eco-friendly and maintenance-free product creates comfortable atmosphere in the garden.

Wind powered revolving lantern, MAWARIDORO

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