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MAWARIDORO -wind powered revolving lantern-

“Mawaridoro” is a lamp being generated by breeze. Even low wind, the lampshade rotates and LED illumination is lit. The generated electricity is stored in battery and can be used at night.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering where I can by this Mawaridoro lamp. How much it cost, and where online and offline it is available? Thanks! Best, NATHALIE

    • OPA sugihara より:

      Hi, Nathalie. I visited your blog. NYC life seems very fun!
      Well, Mawaridoro prices are:
      WTL-1198,000JPN (about 2,140USD)
      WTL-2:98,000JPN (about 1,060USD)
      WTL-3:398,000JPN (about 4,300USD)
      WTL-4:48,000JPN (about 529USD)

      I updated Catalogue information here.
      If you want to transport one, would you please contact our agent?
      I will send a mail to you.

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