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MAWARIDORO -Wind revolving powered lantern-

This product is a light of revolving lantern type being generated by
breeze. The AG generator installed in the center of blades gives
stable performance even with low-speed rotation. When a wind speed of
1.5m/s blows, a lampshade rotates and LED illumination is lit. The
generated electricity is stored in nickel hydride battery and can be
used for streetlights and garden lights at night.

People’s awareness of ecology has increased recently. Aiming to
achieve low-carbon society capable of reducing CO2 by 50%, more
products have been manufactured using LED in the field of home
lighting equipment. Nevertheless, products for home use with an
excellent design have not yet been brought out. Besides, so far the
ecology lights required control systems and batteries individually,
they required some installation process.

Therefore, we’ve created a product of stand type light. This product
integrated the form of blades to have the wind and the form of shades
to reflect light into one. Since it doesn’t require any socket, it can
be placed at any place you like such as garden and balcony. Mawaridoro
converts breath of wind into electricity. Enjoy eco friendly living.

Designed by Toshihiko Suzuki. 2009.


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