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Article on magazine "md" in Germany.

2009 July. Mawaridoro has Published on magazine “md” in Germany.

Energy-independent outdoor lamps are on the up and up. “Mawaridoro” is a representative par excellence of this kind of lamp -an LED luminaire powered by wind. The use of LEDs is one of the most promising opportunities to increase energy efficiency. An-other favourable aspect of LEDs is their long operating life. Currently most manufacturers guarantee 50,000 hours, and it may be expected that in the years to come their lifecycle will even be prolonged. So far so good, But the really ingenious thing about this design is that the 8, 16 or 32 LEDs with which the three sized are equipped are driven by a small wind-power generator. Even low wind forced will suffice to set the aluminium lamellae of the shade in motion and to feed the generator. By the way: on sunny days the user will benefit also during the day because the light is fascinatingly reflected.
(Quoutaiton from ‘md’, 2009 July)

Energieautarke AuSenleuchten sind im Kommen. Ein vorbildlicher Vertreter dieser Art ist 'Mawaridoro', eine LED-Leuchte, die mit Windkraft betrieben wird! Der Einsatz von LEDs ist eine der vielversprechendsten Moglichkeiten zur Erhoung der Energieeffizienz.

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